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VOLVO V60 T6 RDesign 340cv Híbrido Plug-in Aut.


from 69€ /day*

An extremely comfortable, elegant and safe station wagon for family travel.

Plug-in hybrid model with 2 motors: Gasoline and Electric. Fantastic panoramic roof.

Great Luggage compartment with 529 L

The Volvo V60 Hybrid Plug-in wagon is a fantastic car to travel, very comfortable, very safe with all its safety systems proudly developed by the brand, economical in terms of fuel consumption and lower emission of pollutants due to the management between the two engines present (gasolineand electric), which work in harmony despite the 340-horsepower resulting from their combined power.

To optimize the driving and performance of this amazing wagon, you can choose several driving modes, the 
Pure (100% electric with autonomy up to 45 km), the Hybrid (daily use), the Power(more dynamic driving) and the Constant AWD (with permanent 4-wheel drive for specific situations, such as snow for example).

It is an extremely elegant van full of details, it has a panoramic roof that offers a special light to the cabin, high quality interior materials and textures that are very pleasant to the touch, extremely comfortable seats, a very good habitability with space in front and back. The suitcase is great, it has 529 L, which is more than enough for a family to go on vacation and be able to take everything they need. In fact, this is undoubtedly the perfect choice for a family trip.

Capacity 5
Luggage 4
Doors 5
Fuel G
Air conditioning
Panoramic roof

* The daily value may change depending on the date and period of hire.

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