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With a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission, a superb soundproofing and spacious passenger compartment (which perfectly accommodates 4 adults). An unforgettable experience.

This car, despite being a cabriolet and have a fabric bonnet, is not at all an exclusive model for Summer days. This because the comfort and thermal / acoustic insulation are not at all committed for being a cabriolet model.
The aerodynamics of this Mercedes E cabrio allows you to talk without having to raise your tone even when traveling on the highway.

You can even consider it an ideal companion on any trip regardless of the destination or time of year, because it's prepared for any weather condition. When you are traveling, if you're feeling hot or cold, or starts raining, with a button, you can close or open the bonnet at a speed up to 50 km / h and it takes only 20 seconds.

In addition to the ease of opening and closing the bonnet, you can also have two baffles, one on the top of the windshield, AirCap, and a second baffle that is placed between the two places at the rear to reduce the air swirl. But, to make you feel more comfortable, there is AirScarf, which offers air conditioning in the neck area in the front seats, heated front seats, and of course, the air conditioning system, which has the peculiarity of having its outputs ventilation in the form of a turbine.
The materials are of the highest quality as expected from a Mercedes. It features elegant camel leather upholstery with a 4-way lumbar adjustment, a brown bonnet and finishes with a remarkable elegance in porous ash wood. In addition to its panoramic cockpit and multifunction leather steering wheel, they create a timeless elegance to this cabriolet.
In short, traveling in this automobile is a memorable experience for you, driver, and for those who invite you to ride with you. With a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission, a superb soundproofing, with its spacious passenger compartment (which perfectly accommodates 4 adults), everyone is guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful journey in comfort and safety, in a car that offers new perspectives, freedom and relaxation, that only a convertible can offer.

Capacity 4
Luggage 3
Doors 3
Fuel D
Air conditioning
Panoramic roof

* The daily value may change depending on the date and period of hire.

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