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AUDI Q7 3.0 TDI quattro Tiptronic 272cv


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This SUV represents the top of automotive engineering in the present moment.
It emerges as the solution for Premium customers who do not give up luxury and maximum safety while traveling. For those who want to travel with family and / or need a generous luggage area, or simply for those who are fans of the AUDI brand and recognize its quality and superiority.

This 3.0 TDI model comes equipped with a 6-cylinder (V6) engine, being considered one of the best diesel engines in the world, has 272 cv and has a fantastic tiptronic 8-speed automatic transmission.
In terms of interior space, this car has a very spacious and versatile passenger compartment, being prepared to carry up to 7 people. Even when using the third row of seats, adults of medium height can travel comfortably. The outer seats of the second row advance and rebound to ensure easy access to the rear seats.
The luggage area is one of the strengths of this model. When the 5 seats are present, the area is a magnificent 700 liters, but can be enlarged to a maximum of 1995 liters, when the banks are completely rebounded.
The exterior lines have a very elegant and sporty design, but it is their interior that seduces us. The applied materials and the finishes have an unquestionable quality, as is the case of aluminum and the leather, being used in a very harmonious and elegant combination, with attention to all details. The fully digital dashboard along with the virtual cockpit offers a visual imposition that no one can remain indifferent to. It also has a touchpad that controls a large part of the info-entertainment functions of the car.
This Q7 has several driving assistance systems, which guarantees our customers a trip with maximum comfort, safety and tranquility. Equipped with an adaptive pneumatic suspension and the Quattro system, this car guarantees a journey with extreme comfort and driving pleasure. Thanks to the Audi Drive Select system, customers can choose Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual, Offroad or Allroad. If the customer selects for example the Comfort mode, this magnificent pneumatic suspension can minimize anything that is unevenness, irregularity or rebound. Ideal for example for rough or very uneven floors. If you want more driving, on roads with more curves for example, you should opt for Dynamic mode. The headlights are in LED Matrix, which in addition to the elegance they give the car, provide a visibility at night with much more quality.
In short, this car offers an impeccable driving experience and unquestionable on-board comfort.

Capacity 7
Luggage 6/7
Doors 5
Fuel D
Air conditioning
Panoramic roof

* The daily value may change depending on the date and period of hire.

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