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FIAT 500 X Cross Aut


from 56€ /day*

The most adventurous Fiat model with an impeccable design , a diesel engine and a surprising 6-speed automatic transmission. An outstanding driving experience in a car equipped with an economical motor and attitude. A crossover prepared for any situation.Great for a weekend or holidays in a family or friends trip.

Someone call it the most adventurous Fiat  model...

 The Portugalrent and their clients surrendered to the charm and versatility of this car. In fact, there are increasingly people who consider the Fiat 500X the best Fiat nowadays. This small SUV proves to be a very balanced car. With the Jeep Renegade platform, this model offers pleasant touch materials and good quality, has a spacious and versatile interior with a luggage area with about 350 liters that can be extended in various positions due to the regulation of banks. 

Additionally, it presents a well balanced behavior in road either on motorways or in driving city, and has a good soundproofing and very friendly consumption. Its retro interior and its curved lines, now with greater ground clearance, gives it a charisma that no one can remain indifferent. That's why this small SUV is so desired.

And as part of the identity of our brand also our Fiat 500X comes equipped with extra details and to allow your rental experience is with all the comfort and security it deserves.

The versatility of this model  with a spetacular 6 speed automatic transmission transforms it into a vehicle full of attitude and ideal for your ride on our roads, want for a different weekend or for your vacation. The demand for this model has been great and has not left nobody disappointed, but instead conquered.

Capacity 5
Luggage 4
Doors 5
Fuel D
Air conditioning
Panoramic roof

* The daily value may change depending on the date and period of hire.

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