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Privacy Policy Portugalrent Rent a Car

EUROLEIRIA – Comércio de Automóveis Lda. (Portugalrent RENT A CAR), whom owns and operates this Web site www.Portugalrent.com, values the privacy of its clients, committing to respect this privacy, whilst guaranteeing secrecy and privacy of any information provided by the user.

The following Privacy Policy, aims to ensure the users security and privacy terms, demanding and collecting user information only necessary to the services offered as explicit described in the web site. The user as full rights to access, modify and delete his / her own data.

We assume with the users the following commitments:

  • To treat the user information in a adequate and legal way, collecting only the information necessary and pertinent to the means intended;
  • To allow the information owner to access and correct the information already provided;
  • To not use the information provided to any other means other than the reason why the information was collected for;
  • To ensure the right of deleting all the information provided when demanded by the user free of charge;
  • To put in place the security means necessary to prevent the involuntary change, destruction or addition of information by anyone not authorised to do so;
  • To not share personal information unless legally required to do so.
Personal information gathering

The website www.portugalrent.com can be accessed, without the need to provide any personal information. However, there are some areas that it is required to provide information, to activate a particular service (renting confirmation), being necessary that the user enters personal information so that the user can benefit of the services provided.

User registration

User registration allows users to access various services of the web site www.portugalrent.com. The subscription requires a password and a valid email address to where a link will be sent so that the user can validate the registration. The password required ensures the users exclusive access to the maintenance of services. The information provided by the user will only be used in complete the services required, and not added to other lists, shared with other entities or used to send any unrelated information.

Email communications

When visiting the website www.portugalrent.com or when emails are sent, the user is in contact with Portugalrent electronically. Similarly, the user accepts to receive communications from Portugalrent, electronically. We will communicate with you either through email of by posting news in our internet page.

Security and quality of information

It is our aim to ensure the quality and integrity of information provided by the users being provided and implemented the necessary measures both a technological and organisation levels so that the information is kept secure, accurate, updated and complete.

Statistical registry file

All ip address and connections made to www.portugalrent.com will be registered. This information will be used to perform aggregate statistical analysis independently of any relationships, services or interactions performed by the users - The analysis of this information will be performed in an aggregate manner and anonymously. The data use for these means will not contain any personal information.
The analysis performed from this aggregate statically information will used to interpret user tendencies with the aim to continuously improve customer satisfaction. The aggregate statistically information resulting from the analysis performed may eventually share publicly or to 3rd parties.

Privacy policy changes

If Portugalrent RENT A CAR decides to change its privacy policy these can always be found here.

Conditions of use

Portugalrent RENT A CAR is entitled to refuse the registration of any use which will not comply with the terms and conditions.
If you have any doubts, complaints or commentaries regarding our policies please do not hesitate to contact us through out email address portugalrentlx@portugalrent.com.

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